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A random muddle of Sarah-Jessica Parka Chic, meeting Aggy wannabes, that wish they had walked into American Apparel and bought a rolex watch! I sit all day, take out dresses and play with pins and decore attaching ribbons and records whatever I make my way.


Coming of age, 21 is a stage, where fashion is key, all eyes are on me! Jotting in my note book, pulling off Vintage muck, daring to be daft, embedded in my craft. Longing for those Jimmy Choo's while wearing all the Primark shoes, going back to the 60's looking for anything thrifty while making a a black tea!





January 2010


WAD Magazine and my daily Rant!

By Claudieflannels · January 21, 2010

I'm going to propose something that may defy the laws of gravity (or woteva it might sound a little blazzay) ... well maybe not to the fashionistas out there. What do we think about 60's High school vs 80's Reebok retro.

During my bi annual read of WAD magazine, I stumbled upon a rivival (i'm praying that the next Air Jordan is reading this) because my thinking is that were defiantely due a pop culture trend that matches the days of Andy Warhol and The Runaways! Im thinking that shoes are the way to go, who remembers the eighties fall of the fittest 'Nike Vs Rebok' showdown? When fashion was all about the highest of the high tops and more colours in laces than Vivenne Westwood has seen in her hair lifetime! Were talking multi dimentional, space invader, ranibow/skittle/ M&M colour conversions and moreso they had to be Rebok!

Recent runways have seen what?? Pixelated prints/graffiti modernist from the likes of Alexander McQueen, oooo what about Gareth Pugh and his modish approach to punk? From season to season the pallettes are integuing similar to the repertoir of the last- all we get now is silouettes/style. Of course this makes fashion yes, but what ever happened to the days of colour clash madness, Sonkia Rykeil and Mr Marc J. see to have the same concensus as I!

Any one noticed the D&G high tops, all plain white going for the high school feel?? When did fashion get boring, theres a totally massive difference between classical and just plain well................ plain. Running the risk of sounding like a naive clueless writer, fashion seems to have lost its ability to be fashionable, as a trainee buyer myself, all were forced down is numbers this, negotiate this, better margins for that and as a business yeah, why not trends + consumer demand x margin = 16 holidays a year plus a nice Merc/ or if your me an Aston.

Reflecting back in the times of the high top when kids didnt have ipods/mobiles that didnt reflect bricks, fashion was at its peak. The only way to be truely original was to have brighter tongues, paint by numbers trainers, 16 different pairs of laces in one shoe!! And you know what all recession proof!

WAD magazine 'j'adore' French produced with its English language side kick, is the most unique mag ive laid my pretty little hands on since Purple Mag joined the ranks of Fashion bibles everywhere! Have to say the 10/10 issue really old school, packed full of fashion forward ideas, CSM students- Monik is going to be massive with his futuristic take on drama dress! Look out for that one!

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By Claudieflannels · January 20, 2010

‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1- Lights and ready’!

The flow of silk, chiffon and rayon drapes the runway. Mottled ash and draying black consume the piquet floor, glaring from the clarity of white. Stertsis a la mode season A/W 2009, set the scene of demurity and class.
Drowning in convergence, a sea of Swarovski appears. ‘Martinaamatina’ awakens.

Falling off the runway, Grad student of Central St. Martins College in 2005, ‘Matina Sukhahuta, created a stunning ready-to-wear and costume jewelry range chicly named ‘Martinamatina’.

Inspired by the joyful magic of everyday her bespoke collection empathizes with charm and fantasy. Reflected in the navigation and layout out of Martinaamatina.com, costume jewelry poses intricacy and elegance.

Studying Product design at St.Martins, her constantly inspired surrounding and high flying sibling ‘Pim Sukhahuta- house of Sretsis’ bestowed the perfect foundation to her personal acclaim launch.

It seems her bespoke collection emits more originality, generously overshadowing ready-to-wear, which is a clever paradox, subtly exposing her raw talent on runway yet not overpowering Sretsis.

Studying her website, it’s apparently clear she has a diverse and inventive though map, her focus on, ‘transforming the ordinary to new found treasure’ is well on its way to original establishment. With subtle, multi seasonal colours being utilised, travel being a factor of inspiration.

Already internationally stocked in Thailand, Australia and upcoming (Browns New York) – ‘well see what VM they can conjure up’, Martina has a new found future. Selfridges London already commissioning her work, she has the support of her sister for ready-to-wear status, giving the brand magnanimous head start.

Taking time out of shooting her A/W look book, Matina answered a few of my burning questions about her delicious S/S10 collection.

Claire: What were the original concepts in your S/S 10 collection 'Teeny Tiny'?

Matina: The idea was to allow the wearer to create her very own shapes, form, and color combination of jewelry to suit oneself. I imagine walking in fields of little flowers, and seeing little ladybugs and bees.

And I thought wouldn't it be nice to have that on my finger. All rings from the collection were specially carved to fit each other angles, which allowed them to be worn together harmoniously. My customers have a lot of fun creating their own miniature garden, some like to wear just the little daisy and bees, while some wear them all on 3 fingers creating an ultra large cocktail ring. The collection proves tiny rings can do wonder!

Claire: How do separate your work for your own collections from that of Sretsis?

Matina: My work comes purely from my imagination whereas collections for Sretsis are inspired by the story of each Sretsis collection. I collaborate with my sister and translate her story into jewelry.

Claire: If I were to look in your sketchbook what would I find?

Matina: I actually don't own a sketch book. Everything is inside my head, in there you would find mostly things you can not physically see and feel in the real world.

Claire: Who are the most inspiring artists/designers you utilize for your collections?

Matina: My inspirations mostly come from books I like to read, the most inspiring was Greek mythology. The more I read the more rings popped into my head!

Claire: Did you see your sister as a great foundation to getting your collection recognized?

Matina: I really didn't think about the future when I first started. My sister was designing her first collection and I just wanted to make jewelry that would match her clothes. That was the beginning of our collaborations and the discovery of my passion as a jeweler.

Claire: What are your immediate Plans for the future for Matinaamatina?

Matina: I recently designed a custom made wedding jewelry for one of my customers here, it was such a joy. I want to start making more bespoke precious pieces.

Already internationally stocked in Thailand, Australia and upcoming (Browns New York) – ‘well see what VM they can conjure up’, Martina has a new found future. Selfridges London already commissioning her work, she has the support of her sister for ready-to-wear status, giving the brand magnanimous head start.

Based in London, city of smog, Swarovski is sure to be a candle in the wind come runway.

‘Brava mademoiselle’


Stella McCartney for Disney!

By Claudieflannels · January 14, 2010

Everyone is cashing in on the action. Since the preview of the 'New Alice in Wonderland' featuring the deliciously gorgeous Mr.JDep, whymisical/fairytales are a hot fashion hit!

The next thing you know we'll all be wearing tinkerbell dust and shoes that make our legs look smaller!!
Check out what NYCF have to say about it!


Chic you all later x

Vintage Stream

By Claudieflannels · January 14, 2010

What ever happend to just telling it how it is?? None of this political correctness business, no anecdotes to save peoples feelings and more o the point ...........Just telling it how it is! For a while now i've been getting increasingly aggitated by the 'corrupt vintage on the highstreet' copying trends from flapper dresses, using dyes and acid washes to create authenticity and my most favorite of the noughties has to be the restyle of the brogue! All this patent plastic with the Laurel and Hardy black finish what's all that about.

Claudie: Wow thanks so much for letting me invade your store, the layout in here is fantastic! So Junk can you tell me what you think makes vintage unique?

Junk: No problem we like it don't we guys (all nodding), well the entire concept of vintage is creativity and rejuvination of the old to new. Designers are doing it everyday on the catwalks, but a singular person being inspired by the area of vintage is really what drives fashion forward. They create the styles by mixing and matching different generations/cultures and most of all (one things our girls like) they aren't afraid of anti-fit!

Claudie: OOh Anti-fit: Sasse and Baid totally cashing in on that style, well Im a huge fan of the 20's Victorian styling, whats you oppinon on the influential silhouettes such as the crinoline, hoop? Really gave women their identity don't you think?

Junk: Not just an identity but a fashion fohpar! Did you know it was only men allowed to design clothes back in the 19th Century, effectively men gave women and identity which backfired big time on them! They became seductive and figurative in the sense, they dominated the scene where ever they went. The introduction of skirts, peticoats and even the bussle played a bit part of what we see in modern silhouettes today. Again just another example of how apt designers are today! Cyclic fashion.

Claudie: Do you have a fave piece in store right now?

JUNK: (Cat holding up) This is one of my favorite pieces, (Designer unknown)- It came in about a month ago and the straight shift silhouette is just so flattering, the pattern print is delicious, kind of reminds me of Monet's waterlillies painting if it were in daylight! Another fantastic mind. If it were a smaller size i'd have snapped it up in a minute. I also love all the chunky knits we have in, no matter what size you are anyone can pull of a chunky knit, there a true investment piece and the beauty is you can always modernise them by changing the buttons or cuffs the possibilities are endless.

Claudie: I can see what you mean its stunning, i'm especially drawn to the zip, very original! What do you look for when buying in you products? Is it a case of just get what ever is the oldest?

JUNK: Not at all, just like the buyers for Selfridges would do, we have to focus what we think can sell, if there are any trends we can follow up on, however the emphasis is not as great becuase as mentioned before Vintage is in its own right the creative that makes trends. You can't dictate what you want in Vintage becuase it has already happened. I especially love the jewellery, its what is most mistifying about the world of vintage, there not just accessories but heirlooms, however small they are small preservations of our asscent in fashion.

Claudie: What inspired the layout?

JUNK: The name of our store, anything a little controversial always works and we think its a true reflection of how sometimes vintage is received by the general population. We love the mingling of the rails and units, its a kind of metaphor for the way fashion and trends have been merged across the decades. We wanted so quirk and originality in our store.

Claudie: Well thanks you for this little insight into Junk, I'll be sure to spread the word!

So I spent my weekend searching Manchester for just those few Vintage veranda's and here is my must have stop! My travels set me in the Northern Quarter, chatting away to shop workers in Junk, just really what do they think? Has the highstreet slaughtered the word 'vintage' into nothing more than a subcultural trend- heres what they had to say!

Time for another stream of Vintage as I paid a little trip to one on Manchesters most authentic Vintage stores. Fittingly called Junk, this store offers a truely audastic vintage experience, even the smell of priory opium streams in buckets from this store. Situated in Manchesters Northern Quarter, set in a cosmopolitain highrise surround. Quaint is probably a niche word to describe it!

Liking my interview or not, there are other stores out there reflecting class and quality in our choices, sometimes a little non conformism to the highstreet really seperates us from the world of mass manufacture and clonism!

Chic you all later x

09/01/10: Highstreet bombardment

Rusted hinges haggedly fell open added to the originality of the building, as cluttered and flambouyant as anything from the 20's right up to the pre modernism. We define vintage as ' anything over 20 years that has been maintained in its originality and not adaptations or alterations', Junk held treasures of all sorts, silhouettes, styles and sizes, (hows that for alliternation)


By Claudieflannels · January 6, 2010

So my search for all things new and spectacular has
lead me to this sleeping Giant. Reccession proof it
seems, American fashion moguls Forever21 have
launch a massive expansion campaign for 2010,
aiming to open another 80 sites in and around Europe.
Taking full advantage of the recession by securing
majorly influenced sites such as London, Forever21
is Topshops new International competitor.

Stocking everything from Apparel, to accessories and
even a cosmetics range, this brand are stealing the
market with a fantastic price range filtered into all
their products. Even with the fiesty exchange rate
I still feel like im getting a bargin! Catering for all styles,
mypersonal favorite *hot hot hot trend by the way
for A/W10* Heritage1981! The kooky lay out of the
website is sickly 80's,black and white retro chic with a
the photography effects of the 20's! You'll be in entralled
with all the trenches, heavyduffles and perky little collars,
checks and even wait for it......... tweed (Vivenne westwood
watch you back girl!) Particular favorite that is fast
becoming the new black dress, is the lace mini
pompa dress! Every girl has had one in her wardrobe
the last 3 years or so and if you say no i know your lying!
Dress up or down for any trend, gothic glam, cosmopolitan
diva, even scandinavian chic!
-- ooooooooooooooooo000000000 80's heritage
whydid you ever leave us- Fleetwood mac would
be proud!

Totally craving shoes, girlies check out their summer
collection, cages, camel, leather and 41/2" heaven!
Price points starting at $10 thats £6.50 a pair ladies
and their fashion edge is crazy.

Fianlly they have something for us vintage vixens
*including myself* In their new online boutique:
Quirky prints, with distressed fabrics and even a little
bit of that fashion hot spot for this season
curshed velvet! Plenty of embelishment just screaming

Ill let your form your own oppinions, but anything
that can produce authentic products at these
price points has my vote.

Check it out for yourself www.forever21.com

Chic you all later x


By Claudieflannels · January 4, 2010

Time to give are little old feet a rest girls because S/S10 for sees heels are come way down to fabulous clogs, ballet pumps, mary-janes and the return of the kitten heel. In addition Chanel dare to be different, no longer will our blond trestles be blowing in the breeze with the odd hair pin and plait, but daring to be fashion forward with cosmopolitan chic , hats are scattering the S/S runway! Were talking bowler, trilbies, woven sequin beanies and oh wait is that a 20's inspired head piece I see, yes i think so!

If I had to pick one pair I am totally stepping out in on BD22 in London town its these little Dior beauties first introduced in the s/s07 collection with a mountain heel, Diors buyers have saw fit to return to us the rocky chic that are these devilishly industrious sandals. With the recession still nipping at our heels a step back to vintage threads is defiantly on the cards, in these uncertain times we have to be conventional as well as fashionable. No doubt the sophistication and quirky edge will satisfy my need edge and supremacy but at £185 there not breaking the bank for a s/s season long classic oooooooooo im so in love, heels are definitely on the decline!

Im thinking florals, with yellow clashes and some coral/enamel jewelry and maybe even a little leather number to top off with! Oooh am folking crazzi!!

So the next thing on top of my head had to be Kinder Aggugini and his dirty collection for S/S10, I wouldn't believe that any of you haven't stumbled on to the animated/fanciful trend that were entering with hot topic 'Alice in wonderland'. Clashing fabrics and silhouettes alike and even creating chaos to perfectly finished outfits with oversized headpieces and towering hats. Fashion has never been so reveling. :)

We saw Ms Stefani preview her adaptation with music vid 'wtcya waiting for' and now it seems hats have got theatrical as well. The bigger the better. High street fashion will definitely see an influx of netting head pieces, bobtails and russles! OOooh I want to fall down the rabbit hole!

I have to say ironically enough S/S10 is looking up!

Chic you all later


Happy New 2010!

By Claudieflannels · December 31, 2009

While your all picking out ur NYE outfits, ive been forced to minitize mine while still at work so heres a little preview of what im loving hot for 2010:

Keep eyes pealed for deisgner Henry Holland and Haus of Holland, my birthday rocking t for london town!

Favorite dress for 2010!

Tapping toes! Amazing trend dip for 2009, will definatly continue with rock chic,CHIC in s/s 2010!

And finally patriza Pepe ASOS sales!!
Turquiose colour of 2010!!


Love you all and @ApparelJunk will see you the other side of 2009!

Happy New Year!

Terry Richardson the man behind the lens!

By Claudieflannels · December 30, 2009


So my next upcoming piece is on the neurotically
acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson! From
Tom Ford, Purple magazine to amature pornographic
shots in the name of art. This photographer has left his
mark on many a decade in post modernist society!
Yes we love to hate anything controversial, from skinny
size 0 to phallic symbology, I have to say I got lost
in the world of this inspiring man!

Delving into his works just compelled me to comprehend
his mind track even more, is it possible to become
so enthralled in someone's work you can see everything
they have done some how relates to every miniscule
thought you have ever had, however vague or insignificant
it may have been? (No i don't mean i want to lay naked
and get photographed from every angle,more like i want to
be mauled with a crisp fresh lens, well maybe a
little part of me does!!)

Getting filthy dirt for Purple magazine, I don't care who you are
your drooling over these virginal enigmas! Their hair is so

Impulsive erotica!

Don't blink too fast guys, you may miss this point!

Check in issue 3 @Sketchbookmagazine.com for my exclusive interview with the one and only in January 2010!
Chic you later x

Claire Loves

By Claudieflannels · December 20, 2009

Keeping it brief today:

Ooze style, fashion divinity, what any girl would give to have the pique selection these two girls just emit!

Sophisticated, classical, modern/chic retro shabby, is there any look they can't pull off.

My personal fave antique chic! MK you just rock it!

Claire Loves xx

'You are what you eat'

By Claudieflannels · December 19, 2009

(Pentlands Prize winner: 2003) Sarah Beetson

December 5th
‘Maverick Showroom, 68-72 Red church Street, London, E2 7DP’
(7.00pm) Circling the drain, the usual esoteric beats of size zero and outrage amongst the peers echoing………
Room 1- ‘You are what you eat’ illustrative graduate, Sarah Beetson, brings to attention our own vanity, reflected in colour and shape; as if lulling in our own magnificence, ironic how something so controversial can be moulded.

Australian based illustrator, Sarah owns a fiercely creative mind, with a coherent personality to match. Turning back the rock clocks and reliving the works of that ‘Warhol’ so cleverly conjured.

Favouring ‘possessiveness’ to describe her work ethic, pulling inspiration from the early punk arts- (one for Vivienne to keeps her eyes on), Pop culture from the 80’s Status Quoe, Vintage and revolution. Safely set in stone is her fervour and compelling nature to deliver uniqueness in controversial form.

Working charitably in the likeness to drive awareness of ‘meningitis’ and ‘anorexia’, Sarah has gain much acclaim for her ‘pezaz’ –yes it’s a word, for titivating post modern harshness.

(8.00pm) Wandering further along the kale corridors, frivolity leapt from the sketches and even a slight grievance amongst the cracks in Sarah’s smiles shone through ‘edible self’. Revising what appeared as happiness, it came to me that serious metaphors laid within Sarah’s work.

Proudly commissioned by Stella McCartney in 2003, Sarah threw her brains at a project to create a space of philosophy, punk and vividness. Other endorsed works include, yellow door fashion marketing, pop magazine and L’Oreal, as well as designing illustrations for the likes of converse and ad-shirts, her caricatures are instantly distinguishable.

(9.00pm) I come to the end of the row, draped ‘gleefully’ in front of a geriatric dusted statue was colour colossal controversy. Utilising symbology relevant to sickness, mouths and eyes reach across the canvas, clawing at my personal morals. - Certainly gave me a second opinion regarding finishing that ‘McDonalds’.

(9.30pm) ‘Talented in volumes, Sarah Beetson- Beautifully bold.’
(9.45pm) ‘Reality’

Claire Levick